- 1 hour "yin-style" yoga class followed by 15 mins meditation, relaxation (i.e. a "moving meditation”);
    - the use of the best quality, organic essential oils to aid your practice via their aromatherapeutic and energetic qualities;
    - individually modified as required to suit your abilities (plus or minus props including chairs, blocks, bolsters etc);
    - excellent for deepening your connection with yourself, your breath, and your body’s awareness, as well as developing a calm and focussed mind;
    - designed with each individual class participant’s needs in mind (including incorporating rehabilitation), and early detection and correction of commonly occurring postural problems and muscle imbalances.
    - 40 mins individual strength training (mostly body weight but may include simple equipment like light weights, balls, foam rollers, bands, bosu- all supplied), core stability, and balance training;
    - you may wear shoes if you prefer foot support for this part;
    - a personalised program, individually tailored to suit your needs with your own exercise sheet provided;
    - 20 mins yoga (as above) as well as time to cover common topics of interest;
    - 10-15 mins meditation, relaxation to finish (as above);
    - suitable for rehabilitation, and general self management of stable conditions (ie not designed to take the place of individual treatment).
    PLEASE NOTE: an initial assessment with Sarah may be useful if there is a specific issue or injury you wish to gain a better understanding of, and a little more specific help in managing by attending the classes- also best if you are concerned as to how this problem area will respond to exercises, or have issues complex in their nature, or that don’t feel stable or predictable. As of February 2018 anyone under HCF and wishing to claim will need to make a 1:1 assessment before being able to attend classes (please speak with HCF if you need further clarification)
    HEALTH INSURANCE REBATES are available for all classes under Item 560. Check with your private health insurance fund for the rebate amount under the level of cover you have.
    $19 per class (paid in advance for the full term) for the discounted regular term rate
    $23/class for a 10 visit pass (use within 6 months)
    $25/class casual visit.
    Email Sarah at sarahkorzeba@gmail.com.au or phone/text 0411 470 916 to book your place.


  • Tuesday

    Time Location Teacher
    6:00pm - 7:15pm PHYSIOYOGA: 34 Greenoaks Drive - Coolum Beach Sarah Korzeba
  • Wednesday

    Hours Location Teacher
    4:30pm - 5:45pm PHYSIOFIT: North Shore Community Centre - 701 David Low Way Mudjimba Sarah Korzeba
    6:00pm - 7:15pm PHYSIOYOGA: North Shore Community Centre - 701 David Low Way Mudjimba Sarah Korzeba
  • Thursday

    Hours Location Teacher
    9:15am - 10:30am PHYSIOFIT: North Shore Community Centre - 701 David Low Way Mudjimba Sarah Korzeba
    10:45am - 12:00pm PHYSIOYOGA: North Shore Community Centre - 701 David Low Way Mudjimba Sarah Korzeba
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    Further classes will be added depending on interest and preferred days/times- so don’t hesitate to mention your preferences if you’d like the option of more!
    Looking forward to seeing you in class soon.