• Always advise the teacher at the beginning of each class of any health concerns you may have. For personal matters please see the teacher privately before class begins. Failure to do this may result in injury which the teacher will NOT be held liable for.
    • Yoga postures may be improved by your teacher, gently adjusting you physically from time to time. If you do not wish the teacher to adjust you, please advise the teacher immediately.
    • Move carefully into postures and remain aware of what you are doing as the responsibility is up to you. Rest when you need to and come out of a pose if you are having difficulty or experiencing any pain or discomfort. (The teacher will not be held liable for any injuries which may arise out of the attendee’s participation in the class. The attendee indemnifies the teacher from all liability and claims as a result of the attendees participation and the teachers instruction in the class. The attendee acknowledges they have sought any necessary medical advice prior to class. The classes are not an appropriate setting for therapy to an undiagnosed condition, or one behaving in an unstable or unpredictable manner)
    • Please arrive a little earlier to settle in so we may start on time. By prior negotiation with the teacher you may come in up to 10 mins late only (to avoid disturbing the rest of the class).


    • The cost of the class is calculated on a full Queensland State School term (“Term”) which is usually 10 – 11 weeks in duration, or as advised by the teacher, or by mutual agreement with the majority of “regular” attendees. A regular attendee is a person who has paid for the whole term fees in advance and attends class on a regular basis. Being a regular attendee not only gives you a discounted rate on class fees but also guarantees your spot in each class, and access to special offers.
    • The current fees as of May 2014 are as follows:

              Regulars:   $18/class

              10 visit card holders:   $21/class*

              Casuals:  $23/class

    *NB- There has been a slight increase in 10 visit/casual class fees to reflect administrative costs of receipting- if you do not need a receipt for health insurance purposes then speak with me please to stay on the previous schedule- casuals only.

    • Different specials may be offered for each term throughout the year. These special offers are only available to regulars unless otherwise stated in the offer, and cannot be combined with a previous terms offer.
    • If you are unable to attend for a full Term then you may choose to either purchase a 10 visit card or pay the casual rate. To be fair for all it is anticipated you will have made this decision before the term starts (ie not after failing to attend for a few weeks, as I may have already turned others away).
    • Classes for casual and 10 visit card holders are available only when there is space in the booked group class with priority given to regulars. Prior notice of attendance to the teacher via email, text (preferred) or phone call is required for casual and 10 visit card holders.
    • A 10 visit card is valid for 6 months from the date of your first class.
    • Payment of term fees for regulars are required in 1 or 2 installments within 3 weeks from the start of term. Payment for a 10 visit card is required at the time of card issue. Casual payment is required in cash at the start of each class.
    • A deposit paid is for that term only, as it guides my administration and advertising for the terms numbers- if changes occur for it to become difficult to attend, then at the teachers discretion it can be transferred to a 10 visit card, or casual visits for that term only, or gifted if there becomes an inability to attend (see below)
    • Receipts for health funds will be issued upon request nearing completion of the term for regulars, upon completion of the 10 visits (or earlier if otherwise arranged) for 10 visit card holders, and by agreement for casual attendees (due to administrative factors involved, as well as fund requirements)


    • If you are unable to attend a class you may make that class up at any other classes held by the teacher within that term, BUT ONLY if you have provided at least four (4) hrs notice for a Thursday class and six (6) hours notice for Tuesday and Wednesday classes. If you fail to notify the teacher within this time period, your missed class/class fee will be forfeited (UNLESS there are unforeseen circumstances, in which case will be dealt with at the discretion of the teacher.)
    • If you are unable to make up a missed class during the same term you are welcome to gift the missed class to a family member or friend in that term.